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Chris grew up in central new jersey and graduated from high school with some grade. Afterwards he went to PACE University in NYC for computer science, which he left to persue a BFA in illustration from FIT instead. Somewhere in this he played in a few bands and got to travel a bit.

After college he worked some internships before landing contracted work with Universal Music, Sony Pictures, among various other freelance projects building and designing websites, splashes, and other internet promotional items for major record artists including Lil Wayne, Akon, Chammillionare, Amy Winehouse, Mars Volta, Steel Panther, and many others. He also worked on sites for independent Sony films such as The Wackness

Following this he spent some time at a start up desiging and developing web materials for NYC high end real estate which included One Brooklyn. Chris Martin lives there I think.

After his time there he worked at two digital agencies. LBi International (now named MRY) and Expand the Room working on projects for a bunch of clients including Johnson and Johnson, Coca-Cola, The Olympics, ESPN, Game Show Network, and Rolling Stone.

He is currently employed as an Application Engineer at Vimeo.

He has done far too many flash banners and email templates. Current programming interests include building new applications for iOS or anything involving node.

Current Projects

Please disperse, nothing to see here.


Email: chris@christopherlarsen.com