Christopher Larsen

Jobs and Projects



Complete rebuild of Foundmi, an app used to track the location of connected bluetooth low energy(BLE) devices.

Foundmi iOS app
Foundmi website
Bioworld website


Lead iOS developer on Stricct Fitness, a fitness and diet subscription based application utilizing StoreKit.

Stricct Fitness


Worked as an Applications Engineer on the iOS, Player, and Video team. I primarily worked on bug fixes and feature updates to the main iOS app. I also maintained and updated all actionscript 3 portions of the player working under a Director of Engineering and coordinating with other members of the player team over the course of 2 and half years.

Vimeo iOS app
The Vimeo Player

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Worked in a team as a developer from May of 2012 to January of 2014 on various projects including Actionscript games, native iOS apps, Unity game development, and front end html/css/javascript. Projects included building a mini game for GSN's Deal or No Deal online slot machine game, updating iOS apps for ESPN, creating mobile website templates, and building in house iOS apps.

Expand The Room

LBi (now MRY)

Part of a team of Creative Technologists from August 2010 to April 2012 building projects for a wide range of clients such as Coca-Cola, The Olympics, Johnson and Johnson, and William Grant & Sons.

MRY (formerly LBi)

Other Past Employers

Warehouse Agency - A start up focused mainly on luxury real estate and fashion. Other projects included a green surfboard company and a iced tea company founded by the creator of Pirate's Booty. Managed a small team while also developing and designing.

Universal Music Group and Halo Media - Built and designed websites for major music artists. Also built and designed websites for Independent films being published by Sony Classics.

Freelance Work

Created websites, album layouts, illustrations, t-shirt designs, iOS apps, and many other things for various clients over the years outside of my regular day job.

Graphic Nature Records

Personal Projects

Worked on various personal projects including iOS apps, paintings, websites, my own programming language, crypto currency, cross platform libraries for mobile (C/C++), and really whatever else grabs my interest. Most never get past the initial stages, but once in awhile it all comes together.

Strength Coach iOS App